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The Parinee logo represents structural stability and strength of character. Stable geometric forms and mathematically perfect design motifs come together to make this proportionate, balanced logo.

The Parinee logo has been derived from the golden spiral, which gives the logo its basic form. The golden spiral is a mathematically perfect motif which was first discovered by Greek philosopher Pythagorus in the 5th Century BC. The golden spiral is derived from the golden rectangle. Which can be successively divided into smaller rectangles, each of which is exactly half the size of the rectangle before it and has the same golden ratio. This division of rectangles can progress indefinitely. A curve that connects the corners of these consecutive rectangles is referred to as the golden spiral.

The golden spiral has been used as a base to derive a stylized letter ‘P’.

In this logo, the curve is positioned vertically, to mimic the curl of a strong muscular arm which has been clenched and flexed to display strength. Structural strength is vital to Parinee’s building projects and the people who uphold the company.

To echo Parinee’s vital role in building habitable structures, the inside of the logo contains a geometric form that resembles a home and doorway. This form is a symbol of warmth and security, associated with homes.


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